Become a Buddy!

Become A Buddy! It’s a big deal!LittleLeagueChallengerBuddyLogo

We’re all about making friends! Lubbock Challenger Baseball is looking for buddy volunteers. We need buddies (kids and young adults ages 10-20 who don’t have disabilities) to help our players who have developmental disabilities play baseball. For example, buddies help push players using wheelchairs around the base paths after a hit and help players get balls that get past them in the field.

Many adults have inquired about volunteering as buddies for Lubbock Challenger Baseball but our main goal with Lubbock Challenger Baseball is to make friends. We feel very strongly that children and young adults ages 10 to 20 make the best buddies for our players as they play baseball. Our players and these buddies can relate to each other on similar levels and make great friends with each other. Adults can make the biggest difference by making it out to the games and cheering on our players from the sidelines.


NOTE: In most instances, this program can be used toward required community service projects in schools.